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Urban Heroes -- Serageldin Delivers Prince Claus Fund Awards Lecture

12/12/2000 | Amsterdam
The prestigious Prince Claus Fund Awards were given today. The top awardees were Jaime Lerner of Curitiba, Brazil for his visionary work in making it a model of urban development, Viva Rio, an NGO in Rio de Janeiro, and Francisco Toledo, an artist in Mexico. Ten other awards were given.

Serageldin Elected to Arab Thought Forum

01/12/2000 | Amman
Ismail Serageldin was elected as a member of the Arab Thought forum (ATF). Based in Amman, Jordan the ATF includes some of the most distinguished names in the intellectual and professional elite of the Arab World.

White House Conference on Culture and Diplomacy Opened by President Clinton

28/11/2000 | Washington DC
Some 200 invited guests participated in a special event with the President of the US and the secretary of State. The event included such luminaries as Wole Soyinka and HH the Aga khan, and many well known artists such as Yo Yo Ma and actors Meryl Streep and John Lithgow.

Environment and Engineering Conference Opens with a Keynote Address by Ismail Serageldin

18/11/2000 | Alexandria, Egypt
Addressing the opening session of the international conference on Environment and engineering, Serageldin spoke of the transformation of engineering from enemy of the environment to the its all, of moving from end-of-pipe solutions to incorporating environmental factors in design...

Serageldin Speaks at Cairo University on a New Economic Paradigm

12/11/2000 | Cairo, Egypt
Returning to his old Alma Mater, Ismail Serageldin gave a major address at the faculty of economics and political science which was very well attended. In that session he challenged conventional views of sustainability and economic measurement and management.

Serageldin Elected to the Presidency of the Universal Movement for Responsible Science (murs)

27/10/2000 | Paris
At the college de France in the hall of the Academie des Sciences in France, the members of the Universal Movement for Responsible Science (Mouvement Universel pour la Responsabilité Scientifique, MURS) today elected Ismail Serageldin to head its international effort.

Serageldin Honored by Agricultural Group

24/10/2000 | Washington DC
The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) held a special seminar in honor of Ismail Serageldin and incoming chairman Ian Johnson presented him with a scroll recording the best wishes of the CGIAR to Ismail in his new endeavors. In his response, Ismail Serageldin praised all his collaborators and said that he had been privileged to work for the CGIAR...

Serageldin Honored at Isfahan Technical University

22/10/2000 | Isfahan
At the legendary city of Isfahan in Iran, Ismail Serageldin received a special award by the President of Isfahan Technical University, in recognition of his many contributions to the advancement of agricultural research for the benefit of the poor and the environment.

Serageldin Speaks on the Role of Science for Food Security

21/10/2000 | Tehran, Iran
Ismail Serageldin delivered today a sweeping lecture on the challenges of food security and the role of science in meeting the challenges of food production, environmental protection and poverty reduction.

Methodological Discussions to Undergird the AUC Lecture Series

01/09/2000 | Cairo
In commenting about the lecture series that has just been announced by AUC, Ismail Serageldin said that while the topics would be of general interest and the material would be presented in a manner accessible to the general public, there were very important technical and methodological underpinnings to his analysis and his statements.

Serageldin as Distinguished Visiting Professor at American University in Cairo (AUC) to Speak on Development

01/09/2000 | Cairo
Ismail Serageldin has now officially joined the AUC as Distinguished Visiting Professor. He will give a series of eleven public lectures this fall. They cover the gamut of the topics pertaining to development.

International Association of Universities Challenged to Think of Quality and International Collaboration

24/08/2000 | Durban, South Africa
Durban was host to some 650 University presidents and top administrators who met for their five-yearly conference. They elected Hans van Ginkel, rector of UNU as their new president, and heard from Ismail Serageldin who in his (illustrated) keynote address challenged them to implement their commitment to international collaboration...

Serageldin Relinquishes Chairmanship of Global Water Partnership (GWP) and Is Elected a "Patron" of the GWP

17/08/2000 | Stockholm
In a highly constructive and productive meeting in Stockholm, the GWP came of age… after four years of nurturing, the GWP has now completed a major transition, a time that made it appropriate for Ismail Serageldin, founder and first chairman of the GWP to pass on the baton to a new colleague.

CIS Architects Discuss Faith, Pluralism and Architecture

23/07/2000 | Moscow
Architects from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and international architects met in Moscow for an international seminar co-sponsored by the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) and the International Association of Unions of Architects.

Remote Sensing Specialists Get User's Perspective

17/07/2000 | Amsterdam
Ismail Serageldin gave the opening Keynote address to the 19th Congress of the International Society for Photogrametry and Remote sensing (ISPRS). The Congress, held every four years, represents the largest gathering of its kind, with some 2000 specialists gathering in Amsterdam for lectures...

Serageldin Leaves the World Bank

11/07/2000 | Washington DC
It has actually happened! Ismail Serageldin has left the World Bank. Notice of his retirement has been posted on the World Bank news.

By Popular Demand: Serageldin’s Farewell Address at the World Bank

10/07/2000 | Washington DC
Although it is over six weeks since he gave the address, there has been a steady stream of requests to see the text of the farewell address of Ismail Serageldin delivered at a heartfelt moment in the 12th floor gallery of the World bank on July 10th, 2000.

Thousands Gather in Berlin for Urban 21

04/07/2000 | Berlin
Berlin became the meeting place for all concerned with urban matters, as thousands came to attend the meetings on the future of cities. After opening speeches by UN secretary-General Koffi Annan and German Chancellor Schroeder, the meeting heard from mayors from all over the world and listened to the report of the World Commission on the Urban future, of which Ismail Serageldin was a member.

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