Ismail Serageldin

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The Story of Aviation


From oldest times human beings have looked at birds flying and dreamt of one day being able to soar into the air. That dream has captured the imagination of human beings from all times and they continued this dream of flight until finally, from balloons to fixed wing aircrafts to helicopters the story of flight took off. This is the story of aviation.

Ancient Wisdom


It was alongside the rivers here by the Nile and in Mesopotamia that agriculture and the first civilizations arose. Egypt … a land as old as time … a legacy of grandeur and achievement that defies time. Herodotus called Egypt “the gift of the Nile” and the Ancient Egyptian gave the world an unparalleled gift of knowledge and ancient wisdom



Since the earliest times, humans have looked at the heavens and tried to understand the stars, the sun, the moon. Gradually we learned to understand the structure of the universe and today we have come to know the magnitude of the physical universe in which we exist. Its vastness in terms of time and space exceeds the wildest dreams of the Ancients and the enormity of the cosmos is really a challenge to the human imagination to fully embrace. This is the story of modern cosmology.



Since the beginning of time, humans observed the heavens and saw patterns in time and space, in the cycles of day and night, the lunar month and the seasons marking the solar year. The patterns of the stars and their movement marked time and also helped to find directions, Gradually we learned to understand the stars…this is the story of the journey from observation to understanding. It is the story of Astronomy.

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