Ismail Serageldin

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The Book: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress, initiated the idea that the world should have a yearly international event, to celebrate the culture of the Book. It would be called The International Summit of the Book, and he invited UNESCO and others to participate in that event. The First such summit was held at the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress on December 6-7, 2012. Ismail Serageldin was invited to deliver the opening Keynote Address. The speech received a standing ovation from the hundreds of distinguished participants. Because many asked for the speech to be made available to them, Serageldin re-read the speech at the Studio of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in Alexandria Egypt, and this is that recording. It is a memorable personal homage to the Book by a true book lover, but it is also an insightful diagnosis of where we are and a preview of where we are going by an erudite and knowledgeable observer of technology, society and the world.

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