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التجديد و التأصيل: في عمارة المجتمعات الإسلامية تجربة جائزة الأغاخان للعمارة

Changing Lives

Born Digital, The New Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Reflections on Our Digital Future

I believe that the future of Egypt, indeed of all the developing countries, will depend on a better appreciation of what can be done with the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the mastery of these technologies and their proper deployment in a strategic fashion. This requires that the national infrastructure with its international links be in place. I am happy to note that Egypt has in the last few years been blessed with a Government that understands such issues and acts upon them. Providing free Internet access, and committed to increasing bandwidth, the Government has not spared any efforts in providing the broad national framework for institutions to respond to the challenge. Many have. The private sector responded. Mobile telephone and Internet subscribers exploded. However, the Arabic e-content lagged, and the systematic access to the knowledge and techniques necessary to respond to the new challenges of research and science needed organization and development.

Science: The Culture of Living Change

The material in this book is part of my ongoing quest for the improvement of science and education in the Muslim and Arab worlds generally and in Egypt particularly. In the face of mounting currents of obscurantism, fanaticism and irrationality, it is essential that we promote rationality, skepticism and the joy of learning. Advancing the values of science is critical if science itself is to flourish. The four documents included here have different histories.

Women in Science: Time to Recognize the Obvious

A Landmark Building: Reflections on the Architecture of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Islam, Science and Values

Consider the paradoxes of our times. We live in a world of plenty, of dazzling scientific advances and technological breakthroughs. Adventures in cyberspace are at hand. The Cold War is over, and with that we were offered the hope of global stability. Yet, our times are marred by conflict, violence, debilitating economic uncertainties and tragic poverty. Globalization and the assertion of local group specificity seem to be everywhere. Worse, we live in a world where the rising inequities between the rich and the poor are everywhere, nationally and internationally. But these inequities are probably even more acute in the domain of knowledge, at the time when the world is hurtling towards the information-based society.

Inventing our Future: Essays on Freedom, Governance and Reform in the Arab World

We are living in truly historic times. At the dawn of the new millennium, a scientific and technological revolution grips the world and is pushing us all, willy-nilly, into the information age.

التنمية و القيم: مناقشات حرة لنخبة من خبراء البنك الدولي

العمالة والتنمية: عمالة الشباب

وثيقة الإسكندرية

قضايا المياه في العالم ( رؤية لقضايا المياه والحياة و البيئة) ، تقرير المفوضية الدولية للمياه للقرن الحادي و العشرين

Biotechnology and Sustainable Development: Voices of the South and North

Bibliotheca Alexandrina : The Rebirth of the Library of Alexandria

توفير الغذاء للفقراء: علم بروميثي

حداثة شكسبير

إحياء المدن التاريخية

العمارة.. و المجتمع

Historic Cities and Sacred Sites: Cultural Roots for Urban Futures

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