Ismail Serageldin


Serageldin Takes Part in Extensive Scientific Debate at Institut d'Égypte

15/10/2015 | Cairo

Serageldin took part in an extensive scientific debate at the Institut d'Égypte in Cairo alongside an elite group of scientists.


The discussions revolved around genetic engineering, modern methods of fixing genetic defects or intractable diseases resulting from DNA defects, and a more in-depth analysis of these methods and their future impacts. The need for rules and regulations and their effect on scientific research was also discussed. The discussions were held in the presence of a distinguished group of Arab and international scientists and professionals in the field.


The Institut d'Égypte was established during the French expedition, and it is considered to be the very first high institute to be established outside of Europe. Serageldin was elected Vice Prsident of the Institut in December 2011.

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