Ismail Serageldin


President El-Sisi meets with Serageldin

07/04/2015 | Cairo

Following is a press release by the Presidency on President El-Sisi’s meeting with Ismail Serageldin:


“President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met with Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Library of Alexandria, who presented a number of the Library’s activities and projects.


Presidential Spokesperson Ambassador Alaa Youssef, said that Serageldin briefed the president on  the high level meeting of the Library Board of Trustees (BoT) to be held on 18 April, under the auspices of the President as Chairman of the BoT, with the participation of  five Former Presidents (of Serbia, Colombia, Albania, Romania and Latvia) as well as Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and a number of eminent world personalities.


The Presidential Spokesperson added that the President listened to a number of projects currently being carried out by the Library in collaboration  with various ministries and national institutions, among which is the Embassies of Knowledge project in the Egyptian Universities which offers library services in several governorates. He also stated that the library is  collaborating with Al-Azhar in documenting the memory of this prestigious and historic institution as a University and a Mosque, as well as in publishing important literary works that advocate moderate religious discourse.


At the end of the meeting the President lauded the positive efforts of the Library in different fields, and its role in the dissemination of culture and the promotion of knowledge and enlightenment, especially through its constructive collaboration with Al-Azhar in spreading the values of moderate Islam. He assured  the Presidency’s support to the Library on both the local and international levels.


The President emphasized the importance of augmenting the Library’s role in remote areas and governorates of Egypt, as well as its  role in encouraging youth and fostering their creative potentials in different cultural and artistic fields.”



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