Ismail Serageldin


Serageldin in MIT for Libraries Visiting Committee Meeting

10/03/2015 | Cambridge, Massachusetts


This week Serageldin joined 17 members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries Visiting Committee for their biennial meeting. At the end of the two day meeting, which included lunch with the students, the committee presented a report to the Institute Administration.  MIT’s visiting committees consist of distinguished professionals, including scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, and educators,  many of whom are graduates of the Institute.  They operate as advisory groups to the Corporation and the administration, offering appraisal, advice, and insight on each academic program and on other major activities at the Institute.


Founded in 1861 as a private research university, MIT today ranks among the world’s top universities. Serageldin was nominated as member of the Libraries Visiting Committee by the President of the MIT Corporation.


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