Ismail Serageldin


Applying Quantitative Analysis to Development Issues

20/03/2018 | Alexandria, Egypt

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, represented in Serageldin Institute for Multi-Disciplinary advanced Research “ SIMAR”  organized the International Conference on Applying Quantitative Analysis to Development Issues” during the period 18-19 February.

The conference gathered eminent international, regional and national scholars under one roof, coming from USA, Europe, Africa, and the MENA Region, in order to share their experiences in the use of quantitative techniques in various disciplines to deal with development issues.

The focus was on methodological developments aimed at using information contained in large data sets in various sectors, including but not limited to poverty, education, health, quality of measurement, food security, democracy, climate change, and population, among others.

Click below to view webcasts of Serageldin’s presentations at the conference: 

Opening Session: Measurement of poverty 

Valuation of the intangible benefits of cultural heritage

Closing session:What we have learned & Where do we go from here


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