Ismail Serageldin


Latest news about the Appeals Court Session

21/11/2017 | Alexandria

The Appeals Court met on  the 21st of November 2017, and heard Oral arguments in the case of Serageldin and his colleagues.  The Panel of three judges that constitutes the Court, also listened to the testimony of Dr. Mostafa El Feki, the New Director of the Library of Alexandria, who assured the court that as he took over the Library, he and all the specialized review agencies of the government reviewed the BA and its accounts and found them all in impeccable order.  The questions posed by the court to the defense lawyers were positive in overall tone and allowed the defense to emphasize the points of error in the previous lower court verdict.  Notably, the Prosecution did not present any additional statements.

The Court also received additional written copies of the notes of the defense, and as expected, the Court has now taken the case and all the written materials for their deliberations, and they set the next date 26 December 2017 for the declaration of the verdict.  We are all optimistic that this time justice shall be done.

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