Ismail Serageldin


Video Speech at 6th International Summit of the Book

16/10/2017 | Brasov, Romania

The 6th International summit of the book was held this year at Transylvania University of Brasov in Romania. Serageldin participated in a plenary session of this year's summit by video recording with a speech entitled "The Book in the Era of Facebook and Twitter ", which captivated the attention of all the audience. 


The International Summit of The Book is an initiative by the Library of Congress to celebrate the enduring influence of the culture of the book and the importance of libraries and books in preserving national cultural identities and the human civilization. Every year the International Summit of the Book is held in one of the cities that has a global cultural impact;  Washington DC  in 2012, Singapore in 2013, Paris in 2014, Alexandria in 2015, Limerick, Ireland in 2016. 


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