Ismail Serageldin


Selecting Winner of 2017 Chirac Foundation Prize

27/09/2017 | Paris

Once more, Serageldin joins the jury of the Chirac foundation for the screening process of  the  candidates for the  Chirac Prize for Conflict Prevention and the Culture for Peace Prize.  The Prize for Conflict Prevention rewards women and men committed to fighting on a daily basis, out on the field, so that tensions do not escalate into serious conflicts. The jury is composed of personalities who have worked for peace and dialogue. The award ceremony will be held in November at the museum of the Quai Branly.


Serageldin is also a member of the Honor Committee of the Chirac Foundation, which consists of people of diverse experience and culture, who have all played an eminent role, in their respective countries or at the head of international organizations, towards the cause of peace and development.


Deliberating with the jury

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