Ismail Serageldin


Protecting Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflict Zones

30/11/2016 | London

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences held today an exploratory  meeting at the British Academy in London on the “Responsibility to Protect: Cultural heritage in Armed Conflict Zones”.  Following the opening remarks by Jonathan Fanton, President of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; and James Cuno, President and CEO of the J.  Paul Getty Trust , Serageldin gave a speech on “Assessing the Value of Culture: Methodologies, Processes and Complexity”. It is worth mentioning here that in October of this year, Serageldin participated in  an international  conference  held in Rome,  under the title  “Florence 1966-2016 – resilience of art cities to natural catastrophes: the role of academies”,  which also tackled the topic of protecting cultural heritage but from natural, not manmade, disasters.


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