Ismail Serageldin


Discussing Climate Change Strategies

06/10/2016 | Tokyo

Invited by Japan Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to participate in the third annual  meeting of  the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF), Serageldin chaired a session on “Technology Transfer”.

Speakers on the panel were:

Kazuhiko Hombu, Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo;

Pradeep Monga, Special Representative of the Director General and Director of Energy, UNIDO;

Jan Dusek, Business Development Manager, shecco Japan.


This year’s ICEF annual meeting is the first meeting after adopting the Paris Agreement, a post-2020 international framework for global actions against climate change. At this meeting, industry, academia and government  closely cooperated with each other in discussing strategies for reducing greenhouse gases mainly through innovation.


ICEF was established in 2014 on the proposal of Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It is aimed at providing a global platform to promote discussions and cooperation among researchers, business persons, and policymakers from around the world in order to address climate change through innovation of energy and environmental technologies including their dissemination. ICEF is held every year in October in Tokyo just after the STS forum in Kyoto, and is closely linked with it. Serageldin is a member of the ICEF Steering committee.





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