Ismail Serageldin


Addressing the Issues of a Globalized World

14/06/2016 | Andorra

The Nizami Ganjavi International Center (NGIC)  & Julia Reig Foundation held their VIII High-Level Meeting "Global Forces, Local Voices - People Power in a Globalized World" in Andorra on 12-15 June 2016. Serageldin, Co-Chair of NGIC,  opened the meeting together with Antoni Martí, Prime Minister of the Principality of Andorra; Mladen Ivanić, Member of the Presidency of Bosnia & Herzegovina; Vaira-Vike Freiberga, President of Latvia (1999-2007) and NGIC Co-Chair; and Oscar Ribas Reig, Prime Minister of Andorra (1982-84; 1990-94).  In a session entitled  “Re-Thinking Globalisation”, moderated by Amre Moussa, Secretary General of the Arab League (2001-2011), Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt (1991-2001), Serageldin shared a panel with Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, Prime Minister of Somalia (2013-2014), Zlatko Lagumdzija, Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Amb. Antonio Zanardi Landi, Diplomatic advisor to the President of Italy (2013-2015). The session raised issues such as  “Is rising inequality inevitable in a globalised world?  … How can we redress the balance between global business and democracy?...  What does globalisation mean for our values?...  Can we address the failings of globalisation through better global governance?”

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