Ismail Serageldin


Sharing Insights on Education and Technology at eLearning Africa

25/05/2016 | Cairo

At the 11th  eLearning Africa conference   “Vision, Innovation and Reality”, Serageldin gave a plenary keynote speech entitled “Reaching out to Africa”. This 11th edition of eLearning Africa  on ICT for Development, Education  and Training,  is hosted by the Arab Republic of Egypt from May 24 - 26, 2016 in Cairo and offers a platform to discuss how technologies can transform learning. Serageldin was invited to share his wide-ranging expertise in the fields of science and technology, and his vision and insights on education, technology and implementing change for the African continent.


Attended by more than 1,300 participants from over 60 countries, the 11th eLearning Africa brings together decision makers and practitioners from across the education, business and public sectors to debate, share and take action on all themes surrounding access, openness, skills, pedagogy, sustainable development, and best practice.




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