Ismail Serageldin



Managing Global Water Resources Sustainably: A World Bank Perspective

It is a privilege to join you and to share my views on water, one of nature’s precious resources. Water permeates society, and its availability impacts all facets of human endeavor, be it economic, ecological, or social. Indeed, freshwater is being dubbed as the "oil of the late 20th century" – an essential, but increasingly scarce resource for post-industrial society.

Agriculture's Role in Sustainable Human Development: An Action Agenda for the New Millennium

We live in a world of plenty, of dazzling scientific advances and technological breakthroughs. Adventures in cyberspace are at hand. Yet, our times are marred by conflict, violence, debilitating economic uncertainties and tragic poverty.

Arab Civilization: From Current Crises to Future Horizons

Two Lectures at Beirut Arab University

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