Ismail Serageldin


AOSP meeting with African Students

19/11/2019 | Cairo

The African Open Science Platform (AOSP) is a Program of the African Union (Supported by the Co-Data Program of the International Council of Science- ISC). This major international initiative has been supported by the South African Academy of Science (ASSAF) in the initial phases of its launch for the last three years. The steering Committee held a meeting in September at the BA (the Library of Alexandria) in Alexandria Egypt. The SIMAR center of the BA, headed by Dr. Noha Adly was the organizer of that event.

This time, the event invited the African graduate students studying in Alexandria and Cairo to meet in Cairo – partly to overlap with the young scientists from the USA and the Arab World who were participating in the Frontiers program and partly to have a special session on the AOSP program. Dr Salah Soliman of Alexandria University worked with Dr. Noha Adly and her team from SIMAR to make this event possible.

Serageldin gave two separate lectures: one on the AOSP and one on the challenge of Climate Change. It was a real pleasure for Serageldin to see all these budding future young scientists engaging and enjoying the lectures and the discussions. They will be primary users and participants of this future AOSP. It was a memorable event.

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